Grab a calculator and fix yourself
Grab a calculator and fix yourself

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i was tagged in this by Sophie :*

Name: Patrycja

Nickname: Pat, Pati

Birthday: January 2nd

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight at this point i hope its not a dealbreaker for anyone lol

Height: average im not sure of my actual height though

Time zone: GMT +2

Current time and date: 3:10 am, August 31th

Average hours of sleep I get each night: around 5 but it fluctuates often

OTPs: Mulder and Scully

Last thing I googled: Hawking’s spaghettification lol

First word that comes to mind: black (hole) due to my last google search

Last thing I said to a family member:crying about being fat(to my sis)

One place that makes me feel happy: anywhere as long as there’s a wi-fi there

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 most of the time

Three things I can’t live without: music, internet access, fruits

Something I plan on learning: i get “i want to learn this” about everything i encounter.. there’s so many amazing things, too many!!

Fav beverage: tea

Last movie I watched: not a movie but Adventure Time

You all need to listen to this song:  Pale - Doing My Time (im a massive pleb when it comes to music but this one is nice i think)


there are europeans who are not considered white by white people. i will never understand this scientific approach to race still being so prevalent within leftist discourse. shut up and think for more than 2 minutes

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